some 2hour slots of my past few days

stranger than fiction – kinda melancholic but cool story and towards the end i had goosebumps about the wristwatch thing. worth a watch.

its complicated – meryl streep is so pretty. and i cant get the jack donaghy (sp?) out of alec baldwin lol… jack donaghy is the best. and steve martin was pretty charming in here. this is one of those movies which u should watch only when u have nothing important to do and no other interesting movies to watch and also when u don really feel like thinking. but still quite enjoyable.
ghost world – kinda has the napoleon dynamite vibe. and scarlett johanssen is NOT the lead character here lol
charlie bartlett (couldn finish it) – yawn. what else can i say i didn even finish it.
catch me if you can – now i know why pl talk about this movie lol. leonardo dicarprio has such a cheesy but handsome face.
sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 – loved the santorini scenes. and alexis bledel and the girl from pretty little liars can really pass as gorgeous greek sisters. the story was just meh. its kinda like a sentimental chick flick.
italian job – cool but forgettable.
becoming jane – james mcavoy! 🙂 and im bummed that they didn get together in the end.

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