self empowerment

this is what i did over the weekend 😀

YES ITS JUST A BABY VERSION but it was still EFFING SCARY. needed some serious balls to jump off the ramp (ok fine i actually asked to be pushed lol)

a lazy update

first up, a random picture i did for narama-san (one of the committee members of my scholoarship foundation whos battling a cancer relapse right now) really hope hell get better because hes such a nice and cute old man!! 😥

lazy to update but ive got news

this thursday imma be starting work as a tuition teacher teaching STD 1 MATH lol to 2 cute but over energetic kids teehee
all thanks to murphy sensei lol
only 1 hour and relatively low pay but what the heck im free anyway!! and good practice with kids i guess??? although, u know, i kinda like, sorta, hate kids. but the parents said i could and SHOULD be strict with them so im just gonna be myself?! lol
house hunting with mouchan yesterday was FUN!! but by the end of the day we were super tired and hungry lol and no house yet hahhaa
next hunting session will be next sunday. cant wait! im so excited to have my own house yaBAI!
i hope i get to talk to C tmr.