project EAT-NORMALLY day#1

didnt manage to wake up early so i skipped breakfast. i really wanted to be on time today and I MADE IT!! entered the classroom a few seconds after koizumi sensei. the first time being on time in these past 2 weeks haha. and it felt great!!
OMG KOIZUMI WAS SO FUNNY TODAY he was criticising architects (cos hes a civ engineer) i couldn catch the name of the architect he was specifically criticising but i think that guys got something to to with, or probably one of the Tokyo Metabolism architects.
so anyway, he was talking about how architects care too much about aesthetics and create random roofs that require impossible calculation of the load distribution etc also theres this guy who proposed an idea to create a MASSIVE HUGE TOWER-CITY on a 16km by 16km square piece of land. its like a mini city complete with houses, schools, hospitals the sorts. i saw something like that at the metabolism exhibition too they called it double helix tower because the building was shaped like a DNA strip but seriously in a way it was really disgusting and scary to think that in the future ppl might actually have to stay in those kinda structures. i wish i wouldn live long enough to go through that haha.
so back to the 16-by-16 square. the architect said that students would descend the tower to the ground for school trips (修学旅行) but koizumi said based on real calculations it would take one month to descend the tower safely without experiencing altitude sickness. one month to descend then another month to go back up
some other architect also had an idea to “solve” the tokyo overpopulation problem by creating artificial land all around tokyo. when confronted with the prob that theres not enough land to do that he suggested SHAVING MT FUJI LOL. 「富士山を切って」and when he was asked how much time the construction a scale that big would require he said 「ざっと計算したら3000年ですね」”about 3000 years” LMAOOOOOO
funny digression but anyway the picture above was my brunch. bento from the place outside building 63. 400 yen for hamburg and tamago and potato salad. i skipped the purple pickles. bentos from this stall is actually not super delicious because the lauk is always too dry/tasteless but i guess its better than bentos loaded with preservatives from conbinis

wanted to go to tinun today for half price thai food but NO FRIENDS. lol thai-food-fanatic litei MIA today she skipped the whole day of school and hashimoto had some meeting thing sigh so i walked home alone and made banana cinnamon oatmeal! ultimate (healthy) comfort food.

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