a day alone with myself and my thoughts, and… Robert Langdon

chilly Saturday with nothing to do (actually i have tons of hw to complete before winter break but my house is soooo not conducive for work, unless its really urgent, so) so after waking up three times, once at 10.30, then 11.30 then 12.30 i finally gathered the courage to get out of my futon at 1pm haha. had a slow brunch pictured above: mouchans fried rice (quite tasty!) and celery with straw mushrooms sauted with miso. the egg is shaped weird because i had 2. hahaha i couldn fit both sunny side ups on the plate so i had to finish eating one the put the second one on top again. they were cooked perfectly just the way i like it 1/3 cooked 2/3 runny. the green drink is green tea flavoured amway protein shake which i try to take every day

then i decided to go to tokyo metropolitan museum of photography in ebisu. 目が見えない見つめ方[Beyond the Naked Eye]。photos of things that we don usually see with our naked eye. from pictures of space to pictures of red blood cells to the new technology known as super eye that can view objects (and the world) from a certain angle and using crazy calculations which i couldnt understand even though i stood there reading the wall of information for like half an hour lol, something about judging things by depth (reaching distance) and angle and everything is marked as numbers. one particular media artwork which i liked was by this guy called kosaka jun but i cant remember the name of the work!! shit but it was basically a video starting from the big bang (with the subtitle “you are the universe”あなたは宇宙です), then a star is born and grows into a planet and they show u oneliners like “you are soil, let the plants grow”あなたは土です。植物を育てましょう, then after a while it changes to “you are a plant. grow”あなたは植物です。育ちましょう then “you are a consumer, find a plant and consume it”あなたは消費者です。植物を探して消費しましょう。 at this point u actually can control this weirdlooking object with wheels moving along the earth looking for plants to devour then it changes to “you are poop.”あなたはフンです then gradually to “you are a decomposer. find something to decompose”あなたは分解者です。フンを探して分解しましょう。 (here u can control the wheel thing again) then after a few cycles suddenly the sun comes into focus and suddenly i think there was an explosion? or maybe no explosion. but then it says “the universe is finished. You are nothing” 「あなたは無です」
so eerie. but struck a chord somewhere.
so after about an hour at the museum i got out and it was already dark. walked around ebisu garden place enjoying the illumination and there was a live performance going on some girl was singing a christmas song. christmas/year-end joy filled the air, it was almost tangible. everyone looked so happy 🙂
after a while it got too cold so i went into starbucks. wanted to try their limited edition cranberry white mocha but it was sold out (heard it was sold out everywhere, did they run out of cranberry syrup or sth??) so i tried the toffee nut latte (picture above) grande. cost me 510 yen. tasted just like caramel macchiato with some nuts on top. but it was perfect for a cold winters day. wonder why i didnt get the limited edition cute red cup though!! pissed.
i spent 3 hrs in starbucks reading dan brown’s the lost symbol. i know im kinda outdated cos it came out ages ago haha. but funny, i don find myself enjoying robert langdons adventures as much as i did a few years back (the davinci code, angels and demons) maybe becuase his writing style/plots are SOO similar and the “twists” are kinda expected so in a way they arent really “twists” anymore. but nevertheless still a pageturner and got my heart thumping at certain parts. still only halfway done with the book but i have a feeling im gonna finish it really soon

after exiting starbucks at around 8pm i realised i didn have dinner yet. and it was sooo cold so i took the connecting skyway and ended up at atre ebisu (department store) and saw KOBEYA bakery (one of my fav not-high-end-but-not-low-class-bourgeouis-maybe? bakeries) and ordered a slice of もっちりミックスピザ for 420 yen. the bakery itself had a nice atmostphere but i don like how they made their trays blue which gives it a kinda cheap IKEA feel. and blue isnt the most appetizing color…
also, i photographed the empty chair to show how i was eating ALONE. FOREVER ALONE.
hahahha actually i didn mind being alone. theres something about tokyo that makes it feel ok to sit alone and do ur own thing while the whole world whizzes by u and all u can hear are ur own thoughts. (been listening to them the whole day, mostly consisted of christmas songs playing in a loop, dan browns narrative in the sound of my own voice, random thoughts about life and how i ended up in tokyo, brr its cold, and stuff like that, nothing productive lol)
wow in only supposed to upload food pics but ended up writing a lot eh. good job self.
update: told dr don that i was feeling a little under the weather and she advised me to take vitamin C so i ate an orange

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