winter vaykay

today was the last day of school of the year!! *although i skipped an important class, building foundations and stupid hamada sensei actually gave a pop quiz. on the last day of school who does that?! when kaei msged me at 10:50 (class starts at 10:40) i was still in my futon so i was like DAMN IT but oh well forget it back to sleep grr) but i did go to school for3rd period “shifting boundaries of art” which is frigging interesting but the teacher is kinda scary and will randomly get cranky at us -_- (artists…) but yeah he showed us francis coppola’s koyaanisatsi video today plus some other artsy fartsy albeit a little controversial media art so im glad i went to class. (because i was super contemplating whether or not to skip it too haha this is what winter does to me)

after 3rd period, i went to Mcds for brunch. wanted subway but for some reason it was really crowded with old ladies and i couldn get a seat. then i went to liza’s house for baito (part time job) gave them kids some multiplication sums and i dono why maybe because its their last class for the year too (winter break for elementary school kids too) they got so hyper at the end they started tickling me and u know HOW I HATE BEING TICKLED i nearly wanted to kick them because they were chasing me around the house grabbing my legs and feet but they were too cute so i didnt. hahhaa and also i guess it would hurt them and id get into big trouble.

but kyokosan and liza gave me a big fat christmas bonus!! HOHOHO

my double cheeseburger SS set for 480 yen with cafemocha. this is my 50cm space as described in the video “japan: a strange country” i swear the customers beside me were sitting only 4/5 inches away

was feeling really sleepy (i think i slept too much) and i needed the energy to face the two kids so time for BLENDY CAFE AU LAIT. too sweet. eck 100 yen

then it was 社工飲み会 drinking party with my classmates!

my favs natsuki and nanami

an panman potatoes
o’s birthday 2 days ago so he got a cream puff but i didnt.

i have nvr talked to this guy EVER for the past two years even though we were classmates but he was so friendly tonight lol the power of alcohol on japanese.

booya. finally get a picture of u, although i think u may have become mr EX-C. mixed feelings maximus. he got a cream puff too i guess because hes O’s boyfriend pfft but it got smashed onto his face by hashimoto

nomikai ended at 8 (too early right) and i really wanted to go to roppongi with aya but she has something in the morning BOOOOOO so i came home early all deflated like a balloon
nvm i shall inflate myself again tmr by doing some christmas shopping!! 🙂

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