emperor’s birthday

breakfast (at lunchtime) – banana, hot cocoa, rum raisin balance up biscuits x 2

lunch (at dinner time) VIEDEFRANCE MAKES ME HAPPEH

mouchan’s dance club performance at okuma auditorium with amelia. then we went to saizeriya! (cheap chain restaurant for japanese style italian food) and i thought id be contented with my salad and soup but because we sat there for so long and i got hungry and also jealous when i saw

another guy near us ordering pizza hahahah so i ordered one too >D

we ordered popcorn shrimp but popcorn maggot came

ame doesn mind me posting her face so much on my blog 🙂 haha

then drinks (banana-orange) with ame and her friend and her friends friend. GOSH AME YOU GUYS ARE TOO COOL/QUITE LOL me and the kansai guy were like talking most of the time… even though we were the *friend’s friends* ie we were the outer circle ie we just met for the first time today
LOL anyway i hope theyre talking more now since i left early. hahahha

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