doesn’t really feel like christmas at all

(i really love chris martin’s voice in that song)

im carrying a sukiyaki baby from my christmas eve dinner: momo paradise sukiyaki!!
first and only meal of the day because i woke up at 4 pm?? i didn set any alarm so i was in a coma basically. and it was really cold. slept with 2 cairos in my hands (hand warmers) but i don really like those things…-_- because they are only able to keep a small part of ur body warm and it makes me feel kinda sick because the rest of my body is still freezing. next time i should try sticking it onto my tummy area though as recommended by mouchan

mouchans “hana” (flower) face. SHE SAID THAT

we didn have christmas cake (thats what ppl eat here on christmas. that plus fried chicken, usually from KFC im not kidding) but mouchan gave me some of her taiwan goodies !! I LURVE PINEAPPLE CAKEEE and yes those are ferrero rochers which i ate on top of sukiyaki baby. lollll that and a packet of small snoopy cookies not photographed plus one pineapple cake.

太陽餅aka sun biscuit and another pineapple cake will be saved for breakfast tmr!! (itll most probably be lunch though haha)
have a merry christmas everyone! dont forget the “christ” in christmas 🙂
God bless ! heart
PS im suddenly in such a mood for fancy “oshare” cafe food. i wanna goooo somewhere like daikanyama or sth but i don think ill be able to drag my ass out of my futon in the morning haha….. OR MAYBE I SHOULD.

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