night of our dear Saviour’s birth :)

christmas day! woke up when mouchan came over to borrow the washing machine but i went back to sleep and woke up at 4pm again! SHAME i really wanted to wake up becuase the weather was SOOO NICE AND WARM during the day but i really konked out because i fell asleep at 6am this morning lol BAKA T_T

“breakfast”: protein shake, pineapple cake and sun biscuit!

and a shoutout to steven, here are some christmassy stuff for u !! hahahah. finally went to tokyo dome city to see the illumination sooo prettyyyy

most of the restaurants were full (the wait at bubba gump was 2 hours -_- are u kidding me) so we had “dinner” at hub, which consisted of hot cocktails (except darrell who had some frozen berry thingy) and a party barrel of unhealthy deep fried stuff and turkey!!! is turkey the official christmas meat? lol i thought it was for thanksgiving but who cares it was good although a bit tough. also i like the fact that its a party barrel so it makes us feel like were really “partying”. hahahah

i thought id be lonely and unhappy this christmas, but it turned out to be a great day :)) pretty twinkly lights’ve got a way with me
ok im gonna watch”its a wonderful life” because everybodys been saying that its the ultimate classic christmas movie. (UPDATE: TEARSSSS :’) )

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