de fark

overate again tonight. DEPRESSION. but its k, flying home in 12 hrs!!

NO i didn eat all these. hahahha this was at a 料理パーティー cooking party today with the scholarship folks. got to eat nasi kuning (indonesia), gapao? with century eggs (thai), sour soup from phillipines and vietnamese spring rolls. and MOCHI! japanese ppl make and eat mochi on new years so we got to witness the mochizuki (using a hammer thing to smash the kimchi multiple times to make it sticky and soft) and eat it with KINAKO, BLACK SESAME or red bean paste

my mochi parfait. haha

went shopping at shibuya area again (stopped by AA again bahaha) walked all the way to harajuku but as i was about to enter the station there was an announcement of 人身事故 someone died on the tracks again) so the trains stopped running for a while fml. so i decided to walk the distance of one station to yoyogi so i can take the toeido or something metro line to go to nakai and back home from there but i got lost. ended up walking PAST yoyogi park and found myself in front of national olympic centre ie sangubashi station. hahah im so sick of my lousy tokyo bearings. was lucky enough i could recognize the olympic building … but seriously WHERE THE HECK WAS yoyogi station?? haha i SO remmeber it being right next to the park but i walked the whole perimeter of yoyogi park!! grr BAKA.

so i took odakyu back to shinjuku and walked to seibu shinjuku and came home.
then i had THIS:
mini katsudon from the supermarket. 592 kcal
and THIS:
i frigging love chestnuts!!! this is a bun with chestnut cream and whipped cream inside yummers 351kcal. i actually bought a lot of other buns along with this one. i wanted to bring it home tmr because my mum is also a bun fan like me !! aiyo
i had packet of balance up 170kcal(lol because i bought a packet this morning but only ate half of it)
2 mini packets of kinoko no yama -61kcal each (choco snack which i bought, ALSO INTENDED TO BRING THIS HOME)
2 mini packets of takenoko no hoshi -67kcal each (choco snack)

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