past 2 days

will be the last 2 days of making bad food choices. i went to see 2 consultants about hair loss and they both told me the same thing: changing my lifestyle is themost important thing to do if i wanna get back my healthy hair (although the neeta herbal place also pressured me a whole lot to sign up for their treatment) so im gonna try my best from now on! no more processed food !! my diet this past month may have been 40% processed food *shiver*

i mean these ppl were telling me things i already know… i demanded for solid answers about why my hair is falling but all they could tell me were things i read online and stuff…. but when i told my bro about it he was like YEA THESE THINGS ARE DUH but ARE YOU DOING THEM?

ouch. hes got a point there

im not gonna quit cold turkey though. still wanna enjoy myself and my vacation back home (SO NOT QUITTING MAMAK hahha i wanted banana leaf @ bangsar today but jas and dak arent awake probably-_-) but im gonna quit certain things which are obviously bad for me like white bread, candy, snacks

so here are pictures of what i ate the past 2 days. plus a whole lot more crap not photographed. lol my posts are getting dman slipshot 😀
paparich chicken rice for dinner with mummy because bak kut teh shop was closed-_-

oh i went “working out” at batu caves. among all the tourists hahahhah. cos broga hill hiking got cancelled because nobody could wake up (hahhaha but i don blame them, i mean there are manyother ways to burn calories which doesn require waking up at 5 in the morning). so we went to play squash in the afternoon instead. and going to batu caves was just and impromptu thing i decided on the way home. theres just something about climbing and workouts involving inclines that i love. they train ur willpower and are waaaaay less boring than jogging because of the view u get in return for climbing. and also, the BURN. whoo i love the burn. and the sweat. もう久しぶりだよ本当its been a long time since i sweat like this i even missed the smell of my own sweat HAHA ok disgusting.
oh btw they made me pay 2 ucks for parking! how come i don remmeber having to pay when i went earlier this year!

hyunjis gonna hate this place lol! all the pigeons
and gangsta monkeys drinking coke

dinner at home! 🙂

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