u know how sometimes u have so much things to blog about u dono where to start? and u feel like u cant blog about ur current stuff until u blogged about stuff in the past, but because u dono where to start u find it hard to blog about things that have already happened a long time ago, therefore ultimately causing u to NOT blog in the end?

therefore i need to “detox” blog material (very briefly) so that i can write about new stuff hahah

oh and before that, let me wish you a HAPPY 2012!! 🙂 may this year bring lots of happiness and joy and new adventures for all 5 of u reading this blog. hahahha

one of my few cravings (out of surprisingly few) this winter break: BANANA LEAF @ nirwanas

spent new years with austin the man at pelita, then chasing fireworks right into mcdonalds, then dimsum. hes covering the beer because we are cg leaders. (or, i WAS a cg leader) AND I JUST FOUND OUT HES GOING BACK TO ZIMBABWE FOR GOOD. IM REFUSING TO ACCEPT THE FACT RIGHT NOW. NO. 😥

teng is also back for good. oh and did u know? im officially fatter than her right now. orz

yet im still pigging out. dimsum OH BABY
village park nasi lemak with IT GIRL and phin and teng. JAS the only pictures we took were those at roots:(((((((( i honeslty think we need to camwhore more pls tell me u agree? lol ❤
camwhore like this!! cherish moysugraceeeeee enthumia shes into whole foods now. need to follow in her footsteps. (and i just finished 10 pieces of cadbury dairy milk peppermint i got from yaya becuase everyone else hated mint chocolate (I KNOW, CRAZY RIGHT, i mean everyone LOVES mint chocolate)) and dude, theres just something about australian chocolate thats so awesome. i think somebody’s theory was that they use lard so its not halal so its better than msian choc. sorry vans:( kk but i know u don care. haha
oh and yes, i have a cat now. actually 2 cats and a kitten. and i woke up one morning (actually, afternoon) staring right into THIS FACE. yes the blue part is my shoulder. hes frigging hugging me. damn cute:D haha and im glad he doesn dorp a lot of fur like the other cats i used to have. or like me. shedding hair:(((
ok so basiclly im back in tokyo now after a lovely 2 weeks of lazing around and pigging out in the sunin msia.
and, its back to work…………………….
and i have less than a month to slim down for cheches wedding in feb. trying to slim down is hard enough, but trying to slim down during exams?! GULP. i used to give myslef a lot of credit for strong willpower. now its REALLY time to put it to test.
shit from now on i can only gulp WATER. NO MORE LIQUID CALORIES YALL. except protein shakes


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