WHY AM I SO FREE? and 1000 tweets

yes i have reached 1000 tweets. i don feel like tweeting anymore cos i wanna keep the number nice and round like that. hahahha lets see when ill cave
BTW im thinking of cutting my hair short right after the wedding (which is in exaclty 3 weeks!!) which means exams (the serious papers, ie everything except english and general subjects) are in 2 weeks!! OH SHOOTS…. but what am i doing here?! hahhaha chillssss and im officially the queen of wasting time. butlike i told hee a today i cant possibly start studying now!! i will forget what i read!! hahahha oh man this is so like high school.
so yeah about cutting my hair, was actually thiknign of doing it now while im still “free” because its still aint time to study haha but my mum thinks ill regret it cos that means ill have short hair for my sisters wedding. hmmmm
and i did a search for “short hair square face” and this came up
other than that, nothing muchs been happening. went for sushi with ame and her friend patty last night. thats pretty much my social life since i came back on wednesday. one sushi meal hahaha. oh well 🙂 just passing time until the the exams, and trying to curb my LARGE appetite by distracting myself with READING 🙂 finished my novel about the 80s nincompoops (this word cracks me up) today and just started on this thriller which i bought wrongly. i swear i was holding a sidney sheldon but when i came home it was some book by some random writer caleld jenny something
oh i got a card from hyunji! i miss her big korean face 😦
i recognized the kiddy writing straight away hehe heart

she wrote 2 full pages!! i didn take a picture of the inside cos its private 🙂 hahha miss her. cant wait to maybe see her in london this summer or when she comes back AFTER THAT then my life in tokyo would be complete again. hahahah

oh and i got this in my mail when i came back. i went for some short part time job thing with QP @ a high school in akasaka last month. basiclaly had to introduce msia and our cultures to those kids and the headmaster actaully mailed us their comment cards!! hahha so cute 😉 i was too lazy to read them all though. but cute nevertheless. i dono how true it is when they say my speech made them want to go to msia (hah) but made me wanna do it again. and a better presentation next time too 🙂


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