u know how this used to be a “food blog” ie my food diary but ive discovered MyPlate over at livestrong.com and they actually record the calories and chart everything for me!! wayyyy more organized haha

but i guess its waaayy more fun if i posted up pics of what i eat here too. makes my blogging more regular becuase it gives me material to write about (i guess usually i have no material) hahah and i dono about u but i persoanlly LURVE looking at food pictures that i think im a foodporn addict
so i tried taking pictures of my meals today i was rushing in the morning (LATE AGAIN, i had the worst coughing fit in the middle of the night last night and i couldn go back to sleep and when i did it was probably 5am, hence resulting in my NEBOU – oversleeping) so i only had a banana
and this was lunch

hambagu (meat patty) bento. gave my potato salad and pickles away. exchanged one piece of egg for a tangerine. hahahha sistem barter

then i had a hearty bowl of banana oatmeal for dinner which wasnt very photogenic so i didn bother taking a pic hahaha.

this was thai food with ame and heea last night 🙂 half price promo at tinun (another thai food restaurant) but the line was soo long and NO you cant expect three hungry girls to line up in the COLD for half an hr or sth so we proceeded to tun ten (higher end thai restaurant just about 50 steps away)! the taste was just so so though i still prefer tinun because of the price and the amount they serve but the ambience is WAYY better i mean, they frigging had a fountain and an authentic pretty thai girl dressed up in the thai dress as a waitress lol

oh and i saw this at a random blackboard outside shibayama’s office today when natsuki and i were standing by, waiting to pounce on any other classmate who shows up to hand in their assignments by 5 (it was about 4.30pm and after english class, peak hr of students handing in their assignments lol)so we can grab their hydraulics assignment to copy some of their answers lol. damn sad but YES we are total losers at hydraulics tutorials hahaha

so anyway the writing says:
“I was dumped, at Roppongi on our 5th month anniversary.”
IINE is the japanese version of the facebook “Like”
so isnt this damn LOL in so many ways. first of all, he/she was probably planning some big date because roppongi is the fancier side of town. but he was dumped. and somebody wrote II NE! KEKE
i wrote the hello! 🙂

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