Waseda CivEng classes through Sheng’s eyes (or iphone camera lens)

just a little (actually its gonna be an elaborate post) procrastination blogging before i officially start studying for finals. MUST. START. TODAY. im stuck at home anyway because its raining out gosh i think this is the first time im staying in this house for one whole day without going out. my tiny 18metres square of personal space. and its also gonna rain the whole day tmr too. CLAUSTROPHOBIAAAAAAAAA or maybe ill just force myself to get dressed and fight through the cold and rain to my fav studying place: viedefrance! except its no viedefrance tanashi anymore id have to go to the nogata one. bigger, newer and better! 🙂
as the title suggests, i embarked on a little quest this past week to take stealthmode pictures of all my classes for memories (it was the last week of classes of the term for waseda engineering). it was kinda fun and served as good motivation for me to drag myself to class in the cold (and SNOW yesterday)
so here goes:

2nd period: I OVERSLEPT and skipped structural design HAHA. might sound like i was off to a bad start but trust me it gets better
3rd period: Soil Mechanics B, Akagi Sensei

basically note taking and mohr-circle-drawing class every week. he mumbles and explains while he writes his notes on the board but its so easy to faze out because his voice is the monotonous, droning kind… and according to okamoto (but i nvr noticed, maybe because i don listen haha) he has a tendency to trail off while explaining, omitting the most important points at the end of his sentences…….like………this…………………………………………

5th period: Civil and Environmental Engineering B, Dr An, Esteban Miguel

this is my only civeng class actually done in english. its only offered to the students from the international course (which started one term AFTER i entered waseda fml). since the course is SUPER new there were only 3 other students. hence the small classroom and it was SUPER HARD to take this photo discreetly hahaha
anyway this teacher is from china his name is Dr An. and GOSH HIS ENGLISH SUCKS. poor 3 other classmates. apparently they also have him for mechanics lol. for a course this new i guess u have no choice.

2nd period: Structural Design Tutorials, Kiyomiya
yeap even though i skipped monday 2nd period i still managed to get a pic of kiyomiya because we also have him for tutorials! haha he was the one who wrote my recommendation letter for Sato scholarship and ill always be grateful to him. hes really nice too, although hes always in a rush to go to lunch after this class so he always ends class 10 mins early. good most of the time, but sucks when u are nearly finishing ur in-class assignment but because he wants to leave early u gotta wait a whole week to hand it in the next week.
oh and i heard from my friend that back in first year in civeng seminar which i didn take, he kinda snapped and threw a chalk at my friend who was kinda whispering with his other friend. HAHA it missed him but it was かなりの力 a super powerful throw because it left a massive yellow chalk mark on the chair in between the chairs where he and his friend were sitting i find this kinda LOL because i nvr thought this kinda things would happen in uni!!
3rd period: Academic Reading, Kevin Murphy
Some Japs call him SKINHEAD. because hes bald. hes from kent, UK and hes the nice teacher who offered me the part time tuition teacher job teaching his daughter and her msian friend elementary math!! i really like him. although his teaching method is a bit boring.
4th period: Concept Building and Discussion, Colin Skeates
i gotta thank this guy cos hes the one who put me next to my crush last term. HAHA but daymn i wish hed done it for the second term too! hahaha but anyway thats history
hes also a moody teacher and sometimes likes to take it out on us, although not so severely. he has a jap wife whos pregnant at the moment!! and shes a professional interpreter how cool is that?!
2nd period: Landscape Design, Sasaki Yo
my only lady teacher in the whole course. shes also in charge of the field in which i would maybe like to specialise in in my third/fourth year ie landscape engineering. but at the same time SHE SCARES THE HELL OUTTA ME. shes the no-nonsense kinda teacher and gives off a super strong career woman vibe (which i hope to possess someday) and because of that im not sure if i wanna enter her 研究室(equivalent to seminar) … still got one year to think
shes also the teacher in charge of all my 模型 scale model projects in the past
3rd period: Hydraulics B, Shibayama
this is a class i like to skip. hahahha because kaei has perfected my handwriting in writing my kanji name so i always ask her to write my attendance for me :DDD in return i buy her coffee from tullys. (ok that was only once haha im not that generous) but yeah hydraulics. till now i don understand a single thing and exams in a week ! gulp
4th period: National and Regional Planning System, Nakagawa
poor teacher. as u can see in the pic everybody likes to sleep in his class. hahaha he also likes to close his eyes when he lectures.
5th period: Soil Mechanics Tutorial, Akagi
him writing notes and mumbling again.
2nd period: Design of Foundations, Hamada
i like him hes pretty cool although there was one time he didn showup for class. like, just MIA. this is quite rare and ありえない in japan. we thought he didn wanna come to school because of some train accident that day. but was actually attending a conference lol and it slipped his mind to tell us -_-
and occasionally he likes to send his only-english speaking TAs to invigilate class while we do our assignments and its always funny to see my classmates panic when they cant communicate with them
3rd period: Shifting Boundaries of Art, Kano
at least i think tahts his name. hahaha this is one of my General subjects ie subjects not related to civ eng. hes the crazy musician teacher whom i think i mentioned about in my previous posts.
2nd period: Structural Mechanics D, Koizumi
isn he cute! koizumi sensei is always in a good mood and sometimes talk about random funny things hes the one who was telling us about the dumb architects!! haha the downside is he frequently makes calculation misses in his notes and doesn realise until he reaches the FINAL answer 超困る. quite stressful for us who are copying
look at him trying to reach the top of the blackboard 😀
3rd period: Structural Concrete A, Akiyama
NEW teacher. first year teaching us. super wordy and likes giving us reports which doesn account into our final grade -_____________- kinda anxious for his exam because therre are no past year papers!!!
5th period: Theory of Modern Cities and Regions, Sasaki Yo, etc

this is my only class conducted in the Main Waseda Campus this term. yes, its sasaki again.i thin kout of the FEAR i may have a teeny lesbo crush on her. or just admiration hahaha. but the guy in the picture is another teacher in charge. hayata or something. in his first lecture he asked for a show of hands of foreign students and I WAS THE ONLY ONE fml. and in front of everyone he asked me where im from and i think some random questions about msian education system i was sooo nervous. but he was also really nice cos he said hell try to use simple jaapnese to make sure i understand haha.
anyway i just handed in my 4page report (longest report ive ever written in japanese to date) on friday morning. stayed up till 5am just to finish it, so i was walking around with swollen eyes and eyebags yesterday. i think this calss is quite interesting and there are quite a few grad students and during the open q&a sessions i alwyas like to listen to their questions, wondering if im gonna sound that smart one day 🙂 lol
wowwwwwwwww this took a little under an house. procrastination at its finest !!!?!?!


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