snowed in

yup its snowing outside kinda 🙂 but mostly 😦

this mornings breakfast. or brunch? cos i ate at about 11am. this meal is identical to my dinner last night saba no miso ni with spinach fried rice + doutor royal cocoa in my rilakuma mug 🙂

hotpot by myself 🙂 one good thing i like about winter is the feeling u get after satisfying the constant craving for a hot bowl of soupy comfort food. tonights meal was beef, chinese cabbage, straw mushrooms and tofu in a soy sauce based soup
awesome shopping today! didn feel like doing it after english exam (which was quite tricky actually!!) because of the gloomy weather and its soooo troublesome to change in and out of layers and layers of winter clothing but i HAD to do it sometime this week so i just went to shinjuku. wow, since when did shopping become a chore?? haha
but it was really kinda fun trying on formal poofy (i love em poofy!! and short. because im too vertically challenged to pull off floor length dresses) dresses because i am normally such a casual person (even the dress which i ultimately bought is somewhat casual. maybe QUITE casual oops haha). but in japan i guess its a big purchase and when u try on formal dresses alone the salesppl actually BUG you to come out of the dressing room to show them!!! theyll be like “お客様いかがですか”through the door and ill be like “ummmmm” or “ちょっと待ってください” hahhaa i don wanna show them my fats and my unshaven legs!!?? hahha so that part was quite stressful. but still fun.
good day!
what’s that? what exams? XD

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