the blog title is so boring because it was a boring day haha. with zero studying done. ORR maybe 0.2 studying done. in the form of copying notes to bring into one of my open book exams. lol T_T
my brunch. i bought pita bread on monday gosh its my new obsession because i can stuff anything i want inside till it gets all fat!!! yesterday i made egg salad with yogurt and mustard (i dumped in some edamame, which i LOVEEEE thank goodness for half priced edamame at the supermarket near my house heart) and that kept me full for the WHOLE DAY!??! i promise im not saying that as an excuse to justify my skipping dinner at night but really i was SOO full for some reason.
so no pictures of dinner. i didn skip it entirely though i did snack like crazy. had 2 bananas, leftover edamame, some amanatto (bean snacks) and one fuji apple. ok maybe i didn skip dinner after all hahahahha but these were over a span of maybe 4,5 hours!!
oh i did go out onto the slipper icy road! (according to the news SOO MANY PPL WERE slipping and falling down in tokyo these few days cos of the snow which turns to ice ie frigging bad quality snow lol)
i went to get bubble hair dye!! this time i chose raspberry brown. got attracted to its name again just like the first time i bought my CASSIS BERRY (so cute right) with hyunji. still contemplating whether to dye it or not, although i think i am 80% likely to do it because i really cant stand the purin anymore. might not be conspicuous in kl but in tokyo i really look like some foreigner ahlian. hahhaha
mouchan invited me over for dinner tonight! FINALLY some kinda social activity involving real people hahahah (and only 5 metres away too awwyeah) but that means i have to carry my table over again tskk mendokusei

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