mouchan’s nabe

woke up at 12 today. :O haven woken up past noon in a while!! sunshiny day with some sad remnants of snow out so i decided to eat breakfast by the window 🙂
pita with beef and chinese cabbage sauted in soy sauce. 超適当だけどおいしい!! super random but trust me its yummy

but i felt so thirsty after the soy sauce (maybe too much sodium?) so i needed something refreshing and also because i have this particular banana which was bursting out of its skin (just like my bursting out of my jeans T_T) so i fixed myself a bowl of yogurt with banana and half a rye toast for dessert

stayed in again マジ毎日家でぼっちしている but at 4.30 decided to go for a jog for a much needed dose of sunshine
but i realised 4.30 was already quite late for what is considered sunny weather booo the sun was already beginning to set. but i could see that the sun was still shining at the far end of the river (past saginomiya station) so i chased after it

and i caught the last glimpse of it 🙂 and this was also for a brief moment because a few seconds after that some clouds came and blocked it out of sight 😦
sunlight makes happy hormones 😀 this is a pic to show u that i got some sun on mah face can u tell?

then dinner at mouchan’s! darrell came over too lol and he brought choc truffles and choc coated strawberries which he made himself!! lol hes basically got half his foot in spring break already becuase he only has jap exams and one math assignment to hand in. what the heck thats so unfair because hes in engineering just like me !!! (but international course)
so anyway i think we might be an official dinner group or sth because hes coming over again on fri and mouchans making ramen 🙂 and im supposed to make a vege dish just to balance the nutrients haha
oh PS i dono whether its a joke or wat but my exccrush totally professed that hes BI on twitter last night. shocking?!?!?! NOT.

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