grey meals

bowl of grey banana oatmeal. i accidentally bought cinnamon sugar instead of cinnamon powder so it was kinda too sweet for my liking -_-
afternoon snacks: 1/2 a piece of rye bread, 2 pieces of cookies @ the murphy house, a can of coffee au lait

gray(ish) cream stew courtesy of nobuchan @ bible study tonight! 🙂 plus 1/3 of a margerita burrito and another 1/3 of some ham and cheese burrito for dinner. also had a wakame (seaweed) salad on the side! oishikatta but i hate raw onions

oh and kevin got a box of expensive dried fruits dipped in choc but their family doesn really like chocs (I KNOW, RIGHT?! ok i think the kid likes it but she just went through an operation, i think for her cleft lip so shes wearing a mouthguard, and still discouraged from eating chewy stuff) so they gave it to me!!! LUCKY! it looked expensive too. so i brought it over to bible study, had 3 pieces and reluctantly made a premature parting with it because i KNOW if i brought it home id finish the whole box by tonight by myself lol. so i left it with nobuchan 🙂

my meals mightve been grey, but my day was def a cheery one! 🙂


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