one last week

of stress (due to lack of it) and bitchcold weather!! awwyeah

colourful breakfast today! haha gosh its so embarassing that i only have one plate. haahhahha and my mismatched cutlery no im not artsy im just poor and cant be bothered 😀 so todays menu was avocado on rye toast and panfried salmon. i usually buy salmon fillets but this trout salmon was 30% off so i bought it. what is the diff between normal salmon and trout salmon? beats me. but this was annoyingly bony though. had a tangerine/mandarin orange too

nearly fell asleep a few hours after brekkie again (i studied till 4.30am1!!) and woke up at 11 but kaei called to ask for answers to some problems and kinda got me all stressed out so i forced myself to study
and today the stupid NHK fee collector came. sooo persistent grr apparently NHK is famous for these annoying door-to-door debt collectors because alot of ppl don pay although theyre obliged to. but i guess he needs to earn a living too. kinda showed him some attitude now i feel kinda bad. started thinking to myself, what if he ends up in a 人身事故or sth…………………… nah im thinking too much (hopefully)
in between studying i had edamame dude i can nvr get sick of those things

dinner was rice cooked with daizu (soybeans) in hainanese chicken rice sauce cos i was craving something oily hehe made a soft boiled, or hardly boiled egg on it and poured some ラー油 (chili oil) all over. with blanched bok choy. i had another helping of the rice 🙂
had 2 tangerines for dessert. they remind me that everybody else is celebrating CNY but me sigh. im SOO bloated now!!

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