windy tokyo

i could hear the wind blowing SOO loudly (a CRAZY 8m/s, checked on yahoo weather) when i woke up today. PHEW, deciding to skip TOEIC was a good thing. lol they actually make ALL engineering freshmen and sophomores take TOEIC twice a year. i understand we had to take it last year for them to gauge our performance improvement and assign us classes according to our levels but i wont have any english classes next year so i figured, whats the point? 1) i don want to wake up at 8 in the morning 2)i also don want to spend 2 hours doing a boring, over-easy yet tiring exam 3) it doesn count for anything
so i woke up at 11 haha

oatmeal with doutor cocoa powder. yum yum!! was craving something rich and chocolatey ahem*timeofthemonth*ahem
yeap those are my legs. i was 正座ing (sitting like a japanese) while taking this shot. was quite sunny outside too hence the overexposure 🙂

had the last 2 of my tangerines. yay i shall buy new fruits tmr! 🙂

fried salmon and bokchoy with hainanese-bean-rice-combo. yeah i ate the whole thing with a fork. so angry some internet service guy came and interrupted my dinner. i didn even know what he was talking about lol but managed to shoo him away after 5 mins. gosh this place really needs an autolock -_-.

half a piece of rye bread for “dessert”

then i had an egg to snack on during my studying COS I HAVE NO MORE SNACKS/FRUITS

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