this time i flew singapore airlines to singapore, landed at 3am then waited around for 3 hrs for my airasia flight at 6.25 back to kl. the aim of going through this troublesome route was to get back home by 10 am for some really chinesey tea ceremony for my sisters wedding

i didn have ANY time for a real meal that day (salmon onigiri on the way to school and my remaining avocado half at home while waiting for my mums package to arrive) so by the time i was on the plane i was STARVING… so i bought this from royce. was good but too sweet for real dark chocolate. i had about 8 small pieces.

SQ stewardesses/stewards were SOOO friendly. the airplane was also frigging huge (some new model but i forgot the name) and the TV screen was HD. it made me wanna fly SQ foreverrrrrrrrr….. these are SQ peanuts. i normally refuse peanuts but this time i was really hungry. she gave me 2 packets but i only had one

my japanese meal. yuzu karaage with fried rice, side of soba noodles, creamy burdock shrimp salad and there was even choc mousse for dessert. haven had a dessert in a long time so yumyumyum
wantan mee for 500 yen @ changi airport. 500 yen = so cheap for a meal!! but if u convert it to the equivalent ringgit (RM20) ure like OVERPRICED SHIT ASS NOODLES PASSING OFF AS WANTAN MEE and it obviously had to be halal im ok with that but i don get why they had to DYE the pathetic chicken pieces to make them look like charsiew-__-


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