breakfast: chocolate flavored 栄養早餐

lunch: im sorry this literally looks like shit but its my Auntie Anne’s green tea pretzel which i smuggled into the cinema

snack: brewed oolong milk tea! with tapioca pearls!

lunch no.2: edamame and ikura chawanmushi @ sakae sushi

lunch buddy who didn wanna have anything to do with the edamame

dinner at home: rice with babybok choy, tofu, chicken soup with soft turnips and carrots. teng snipped the rose from the backyard garden

dessert: tangerina and 2 pieces of banana bread. there really is an endless supply of sweets at home. gosh being at home in kl is really making me fat!! with food and family lurveee *heart

WAR HORSE was a really really decent movie. WAAAAY better than the previous 2 movies ive watched in the past two days ie chronicle and viral factor. jas i think ull love it since u love horses lol it made me feel proud that i was born in the year of the horse in the chinese calendar. hahaha


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