栄養早餐for breakfast @ 11am. wanted to wake up earlier to prepare my speech draft but 11ams the best i can do considering i slept at 3.30 am after procrastinating all night lol
morning snack: i had some more of the royce dark chocolate and an apple

lunch: vege with steamed chicken and rice. i cooked the vege myself because i was craving for some. it was disgusting. teng had half lol and she was like “quite raw, right?”

a handful of “coated cashew nuts with crispy tom yam flavor”. ok maybe 2 handfuls. snacking non stop thank you very much.
dinner after captainball with some of the yf gang. i love good old yamcha time.
this is “kongfu style yee mee” which is crispy noodles immersed partially in thick soup so its half crispy half soft 🙂 we used to call it “gluey mee” back in school when they served it in the canteen on thursdays hehe *heart
@ New south east asia seafood restaurant in hartamas.

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