board games gala 2012

this could possibly have been my 5th or 6th YF board games gala lol. officially my 7th year attending YF :O where did all the time go?!?! and i always ALWAYS played taboo/guesstures with the gang (jas vanster, su, occasionally sen and beebs) but this time because i came back as an auntie with no friends (and i dont think i have the hyperness in me to play a few rounds of COMPETITIVE TABOO lol) i was assigned to play monopoly lol. ive nvr really liked monopoly because i didn think i was any good but i ended up third out of 6 players!! and i only lost to keith gan (kris’ bro whos all grown up now) by 80 dollars!! oh wells.
fun fun fun fun. jochee was back too. edmund came to visit. for a moment there it was like old times. but sigh …… さすがに時間が流れるのは早いっすね?
breakfast: 栄養早餐 made using soya bean milk (soymilk). SOOO YUMMY. and 卵かけご飯 (tamagokakegohan) rice mixed with half boiled eggs. most japs eat it with raw eggs though but i don roll like that. i only eat raw eggs with sukiyaki. wish i had some ラー油 ie chili oil with me but soy sauce will do for now. this kinda meager dish is also known as 猫めし(nekomeshi, or a cat’s meal) because a person basically eats it to fill their stomach and for the basic, essential nutrients for the lowest cost possible lol

i topped it with leftover vege from last night’s dinner.

nirwana’s banana leaf rice after board games gala. i swapped the creamy cucumber dish for an extra helping of beans. and of course we’ve got the ever yummy deep fried bittergourd. i hate the fact that they charge for refills now though, because those things are delish.

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