rounders in the rain

breakfast: 栄養早餐with soy milk before church

lunch: they catered lunch after church. been nearly a year since i went for sunday church service. it was really nice albeit some tedious small talk with some adults. but i guess they do that because they are trying to care about us young people in the church, what with the massive turnover rate with everyone flying here and there. plight of the upper middle class malaysian youths.
so anyway i had some fried beehoon and some vege and 2 fried wontons and a fried egg for lunch. and 2 cups of soya bean! i don even know why i didn snap a picture.
came home for a nap. had this and a small apple for a snack before “baseball” at lake gardens with the yf gang again:
leftover royce dark chocolate. finished the last 10 pieces. u can see the lovely msian sunshine and my neighborhood as the background in this picture.
it rained intermittently throughout our “baseball” session (its in inverted commas because we played using tennis balls haha and slippers as our bases). i struck out twice -____- but at my third try in the third inning as i was gonna give up i FINALLY HIT THE BALL. lol that about sums up the contribution i made to my team for the day haha cos we had to leave for dinner at 6.30pm
dinner: chinese with the whole family @ nice soup gang restaurant. no picture because i took one with my sisters camera (thought id change it up abit because obviously the ipod camera isnt that great) but it was too mendokusai to get a card reader to upload the pics from the camera lollll failll my mistake….

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