breakfast: 栄養早餐 and small bowl of rice with vege and tofu (leftovers from yesterday) and an apple

i knew i shouldve stopped there but i had like 20 love letter egg rolls. chocolate flavoured. the first ingredient was SUGAR fml lol

then 2 hours later i met up with debbies family for dinner @ dorsett regency hotel. she wanted me to bring some cny crackers for debbie in tokyo cos she didn get to come back this spring break. for that she gave me a box of 4 small perfumes and a devotional calendar by oswald chambers 🙂

it didn feel right to take pics of all my food but i did manage to sneak-photograph some
first course: salad
2nd: stir fried vege, salmon salad, other vege, one piece of tofu
3rd: sweet and sour salmon, another piece of salmon cake which i didn finish cos it was bleurgh, grilled veges
4th: aunty brought me miso soup with kishimen (something like ban mee)
dessert: blue nyonya kuih, kuih lapis, some grapes dipped in chocolate, carrot cake
on top of that, she also gave me one whole cake to bring home lol. seriously most generous mum ever. carrot cake with walnuts i think. brought it to church to share with some of the yfers, but i still have more than half left.
btw there was a DAP vs MCA debate at berjaya times square earlier today, discussing the future of chinese malaysians. i am not gonna make any comment because i donn wanna sound like a bigot (or an ignorant bimbo lol)but i guess i can say that malaysian politics is really of high entertainment value for anyone following.

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