smelly cat(s)

breakfast: apple. i need more creative ways to photograph an apple.

lunch: ban mee @ off middle shop, bangsar after church. meet ge. (noodles pieces instead of strings)

afternoon snack: carrot cake with walnuts and cream cheese frosting which i got from debbies mum last night. yummy!
had another apple before leaving for baseball…
…. but we ended up not playing baseball because teng was sick of driving around lake gardens for an hour without finding any parking. and we tried parking far away and walking to the baseball area but we kept walking in circles -_- i guess the lack of sense of directions runs in the family. lol so in the end we went to pick up my mum after she was done with her facial. bought bubble tea for the family but i felt like boost juice instead. so i had the kids size All Berry Bang 🙂 it was pinker than it looks in this picture.
dinner @ home: mushroom chicken and vege.
dessert: 2 of these.
edit: i just had another apple. hehe yes its my favourite fruit and my mum knows it so shes been stocking up *heart

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