louie’s back

breakfast: 栄養早餐 i asked my maid to blend in one banana so it will taste like banana milk but today it was chocolatey and she blended the banana in ANYWAY so it was chocolate banana. VOLUME TAPPURI

lunch: sizzling yee-mee @ oasis foodcourt, mv with solomon prince and the two working men ss and king. the picture is tilted and ugly because they were giving me a hard time for taking pics of my food and keeping a food diary >( lol

tea: cranberry scone @ coffee bean by myself 🙂 coffee bean somehow feels more pricey than starbucks, is that true?

dinner: nasi goreng cina (chinese fried rice) but i think id like to name it frigging tasteless fried rice @ the banana leaf, centrepoint with invincible louis, kim and their friend julian. btw thats louis’ phone flashlight lighting up the rice for a better (but still shitty) shot
why is louis invincible? because in the past year he has done it all – scuba diving, bungee jumping, skydiving, you name it. i am so jealous and inspired.
btw i also found out today that X has moved on about 6-8 months ago. all i feel is…. KIASU-NESS honestly T_T


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