dancing in the moonlight

breakfast: hot soya cereal (or hot cereal soya? cant remember) @ papparich just outside church after yoga. tasted just like oatmeal yummy just what i needed

refreshmets after church: luncheon meat and egg sandwich 😀

lunch: dim sum with mum and 2 sisters because the brother and the other sister were at an amway seminar (!?!?) at i cant remember the restaurants name but its on the 5th floor of maju junction
snack: 2 jambus
dinner: fried rice with 2 kinds of vege and steamed egg
peanut butter (花生胡)@ ktz, SS2. im not sure about the third kanji but its basically sweet peanut butter tongsui (hot chinese dessert) and i ordered 2 extra tong yuen with black sesame filling. couldn finish it because it was sooooo sweet and jelaking so i gave half the bowl and one tongyuen to terence who hadn ordered anything

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