in japan u say “tadaima” when u get home, and somebody whos at home (be it family, spouse, etc) would reply with “okaeri”
so, tadaima, tokyoooo but ive got no one to say okaeri to me

breakfast: last cup of 栄養早餐 and jambu

after some last minute packing and a haircut, i was just sitting around waiting for teng to get home to send me to the airport so i had a snack: the CLASSIC CHICKEN FLOSS BUN from breadstory!! a family favourite.

lunch @ old town @ LCCT with teng. i was quite full from the chicken floss bun so we shared the curry mee. and i had one piece of kaya toast.
if i have a choice, id really rather not fly air asia anymore -____- but anyway this was my prebooked malaysian meal – nasi lemak. i was stuck between a japanese lady and a salaryman and i was quite shy to take a nice picture. so this is my sneaky shot. also, turns out i accidentally ordered the inflight entertainment thing lol so i finally got to watch the last harry potter movie. however good the film adaptation may be, i think one has to read the books to get the REAL harry potter experience. ive only read the last book once, but i highly doubt snape’s death scene couldve possibly been that short.
to do list tmr
1. unpack
2. practise speech
3. grocery shopping

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