bonding and consider it a job WELL DONE

pats on the back

breakfast: 2 small bananas

breakfast no2: nasi lemak atop broga hill. you cant see NO SUNRISE we have been conned. according to a passerby who helped us take our picture.
otsukare morning tea @ papparich

lunch: nyonya colors @ mid valley.
dinner: bak kut teh @ grandpa restaurant near my house
supper: like, 8 tausarpeng on the way back from dropping my friends @ nilai. LOL i wasn even hungry i was just bored and soooooo mentally exhausted from getting lost.
btw i have no sense of direction whatsoevs yeah just so u know. im also the most tired person in the world

tour guide day 2

breakfast: normal soya bean.
breakfast no.2: picked up some siew pau and kaya puff pastry from a coffeeshop in cheras. i had one big kaya puff.

lunch: 和記chicken rice ball in malacca

snack: durian cream puff

tea: rojak and cendol @ donald & lily’s. i didn have cendol
dinner: capitol satay celup. as famous as it was, we all didn really enjoy it. maybe also because we were so full from eating nonstop since chicken rice ball.

supper: auntie annes pretzel @ klcc

i am so tired i can die. but i cant cos i gotta wake up in 4 hours to leave for broga. fml???

tour guide day 1

breakfast: hasty 栄養早餐 @ 6.15 am

pidan porridge @ petaling street as per recommended by my bro. i think its good for breakfast but by the time i managed to bring them into kl it was already 1pm and scorching hot we were sweating while eating lol …. NOT a good first msian culinary experience. plus i think i was so hungry i ate too fast so i ended up with a stomach ache and not finishing half of the bowl

tea @ old town @ central market because it was raining outside and we were so tired. 2 double kaya toasts, 1 double peanut butter toast. i only had one piece of kaya toast
snack: pisang goreng @ brickfields.
late dinner: famous beef noodles behind jalan alor. got an “umai” from dai so i was quite happy that they enjoyed it. imo it also tasted much better than the last time i had it, i think because i didn order wantan noodles the last time and there were rats running around bleck. but this time there were kittens. hahaha slowly moving up the food chain.
anyway, im so beat. heading to malacca tmr so expect more yummy food pics.