February already?!

crazy crazy crazy 3 crazy tiring papers today. i cant believe i made it.
and ive gotta start studying for my design foundations paper tmr. but im sooo sleepy i slept at 5 am last night (this morning) YAWN but im too full from dinner damn it i shouldve just napped first!! thank goodness the paper is at 11 tmr.

not so attractive cocoa oatmeal but i really love how it tastes!! i love the mushy texture too it tastes just like cornflakes soaked in chocolate milk but way healthier! i mixed in a scoop of protein powder too

that kept me full till about 3pm. had a pack of snyders pretzels honey mustard and onion flavour which i shared with C and a few other classmates sitting around me.
dinner was fried carrot rice from last night with tofu and baby spinach.
and i had half a box of edamame. i need a coaster. i used the rough paper which i used to write out my navier stokes equations lol. and it did come out on my hydraulics paper today!! :DD scoreee
edit: a familiar fruit bowl as fuel for my brain