rainy ginza

“morning” coffee @ big box while waiting for darrell

lunch: panini and half pepperoncino spaghetti set @ some italian cafe. del sole i think?? nice and cosy we actually spent 3 hours chilling there lol.

my 950 yen set actually came with gelato and a tiny cup of macchiato!! and its 女性限定 ie only for girls, much to darrell’s frustration lols. but lucky him, i gave him both the gelatos anyway because im currently having an aversion to ice cream. to quote ross, “ITS TOO COLD!!”

snack: half of darrell’s sakura scone from kimuraya, the famous bakery from ginza

dinner: 牛鍋丼@yoshinoya. only 280 yen for 並size (regular)

no i dont approve of profanity but this really cracked me up :

limited vocabulary


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