party crashers だれのパーティー?何のパーティ?

breakfast: woke up CRAVING for this. so i ran out to get an avocado. avocado on rye toast with semi raw eggs THIS SHIT IS THE BOMB. +a whole box of edamame lols

afternoon snack: itchy mouth so i half a piece of rye bread with kaya.

went to a party at a cafe where debbie’s friend ayako used to work at. debbie and i were the first to reach there and we were 関係ない人 (the party had nothing to do with us) we were invited by ayako and she wasn there yet. but anyway it was actually a STAFF PARTY for someones birthday cum farewell party for the cafe manager who was leaving to Nagoya.
so, dinner: mini naan with some meat on top and smoked salmon salad and fries. thats oolong cha. then i had somore salad and a few mouthfuls of pasta and a cocktail called Moscow Mule(gin and soda?)
i was telling them how i wanna baito and have nvr done baito before (baito means part time job) and ayako actually brought the cafe manager over to our table to introduce me (PANIC!!) but after some small talk the farewell cake came phew! freeman is the name of another cafe run by the same company of this cafe (jinnan) its at the other side of shibuya
then the manager went to some other table and debbie and i were left with the cake LOLSSS awwyeah 関係ない人なのに we dug in and i had a few bites. normal butter sponge cake with fruits and cream. but in japan a normal sponge cake with fruits and cream is just as YUMMERS as any cake out there

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