breakfast: massive amount of avocado on toast and leftover fruits from yesterday

coffee break: after my part-time job interview i went to the starbucks at shinjuku southern terrace for a cup of otsukare caramel macchiato. otsukare means something like, cheers for a job well done. or if u can read chinese it means 辛苦你了. i love this starbucks because it has an al fresco deck *heart. sat there for three hours until the sun went down, reading my book, enjoying the 16°C weather. 最高っ
dinner: rice cooked with beans, 2 half-boiled eggs and boiled chinese cabbage with some chicken rice chili sauce. was super hungry waiting for the rice to cook so i had an apple. then halfway through dinner i realised i was super full from the apple, but i finished my meal anyway. was yummy.

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