sniff and scurry

breakfast: soyjoy berry. i was rushing to get to a trial yoga class i signed up for. 朝のヨガはすっきり。the weather was awesome too

lunch: came home STARVING. rice & beans. i ate it with some ラー油 ie chili oil

dessert: apple
lunch no.2: healthy salad lunch set with kaei @ a spanish bar called bar de rico @ ikebukuro for only 650 yen! i almost didn wanna order because i was still full from the rice, but im glad i did because the sweet potato was one of the best i’ve tasted, the mushiness was just perfect and it had a distinct aftertaste. they mightve put some alcohol in it (wild guess though, im no chef)

dinner at 10pm after pickup at Hiroo: same old same old. but i put some cheese on top this time!! voila, cheese baked rice!
dessert: tausarpeng x 4
am quite beat, gonna read until i fall asleep tonight kthxbye

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