breakfast: mapotofu don again. oops this picture looks like shit

tea time: almond pastry at kobeya *heart

dinner: tsukemen @ 光麺 for free because i found a piece of plastic probably from some form of packaging in my vege and the manager offered me a new bowl (which i politely declined) and aptly cancelled the charges. the last time i came here i had a piece of hair in my soup and they changed the soup for me and showered me with coupons. lucky or unlucky? i cant decide but i don think im coming back again because the tsukemen wasnt as good as i remembered it to be.
dessert: almond tofu
did u know that the next big earthquake of japan is predicted to have a 90% chance of happening right smack in the middle of tokyo in the next 3 years? i cant help feeling super paranoid after following this earthquake prediction twitter account and they keep mentioning that the risk is EXCEEDINGLY high for the next couple of days so ive prepared myself an emergency backpack with one can of saba, one pack of choc, one pack of balance up biscuits, 2L of water, some cairos, my passport, 2000yen, and a piece of aluminium sheet thats designed to keep u warm (some disaster gear).
but lemme tell u i seriously have no idea what to do if the earthquake does happen. i think i shall run outside though because there arent any tall buildings in the vicinity to collapse on me (??)

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