labor intensive

breakfast: chicken katsu sandwich on the way to work. first day as a catering waitress, first day at a labor intensive job, first day at an all-nihongo work environment, ie FIRST DAY AT A REAL JAPANESE BAITO WITH LOW WAGES (relatively low compared to my teaching jobs anyway)

lunch: tofu steak with mushroom sauce, edamame and rice @ the employee cafeteria. i wasn hungry but i thought id better eat up because id need every bit of energy. no picture because i cant possibly bring my ipod/phone with me on the job PLUS its my first day ill look like an idiot nincompoop
dinner: mapo tofu rice and apple
THEN I FINISHED ALL MY EMERGENCY SNACKS LOL. its so dangerous to have snacks in the house. これからもう買わない。
binge: this choc biscuit and 2 packs of balance up.
but i forgive myself because im seriously super exhausted (nodded off in front of the computer just now ???) i also have multiple blisters and swollen feet. having said that, im gonna take a nice long bath and have an early night tonight because my boss is making me come in to work again tmr.


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