diner dash

breakfast: protein powder shake. i added some cocoa powder but it was unsweetened so it was super tasteless and disgusting
lunch: steamed saba with rice and more edamame salad!! @employees cafeteria @ grand hyatt tokyo. yup thats where im working! today was much better than yesterday cos im slowly getting the hang of it. actually i found it kinda fun and challenging and its just like diner dash!! i just wish id bought more comfortable shoes to dash in. right now im walking on blisters. T_T and i have muscle aches all over my body but if u should know i actually secretly love muscle aches 😀
dinner: went into pompadour bakery (they have one on the way to the station from the hotel *heart) and i “sampled” their products to my heart’s content before buying a measly 132yen flaky chocolate croissant. they had a special name but i didnt bother remembering haha.

snack: apple.

sorry i only have one pathetic picture today.

3 thoughts on “diner dash”

  1. lol its whatever ive earned from baito alone so far! goes directly into our eurotrip fund woo!! kekeke amelia atama ii ne 🙂
    but i miscalculated haha only 10000 yen now


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