biggest loser cryfest

breakfast: yuck protein shake and banana! wish i had a blender because banana milk is one of the yummiest things in the world but im too lazy/cheap

lunch: tofu and salmon tempura w/rice and some raw broccoli. waitress-ed at another wedding today. did u know that high school students are required to wear their school uniforms to weddings? just a little cultural tidbit i picked up from today’s shift

dinner: pumpernickel toast w/avocado AGAIN *heart and sauted miso tofu with a side of edamame. 後、今日どうしてもミルクティ飲みたくて… was also craving milk tea on the way home so i bought a bottle. its nothing, i repeat NOTHING compared to authentic teh tarik back home. slapping myself now for forgetting to bring back some teh tarik powder 😦

i went crazy at the supermarket today because for some reason everything was cheaper than usual!! was especially crazy at the fruits section. got me some bananas, mandarin oranges, apples, and pineapple. i just barely managed to stuff everything into my grocery bag haha
as u can tell from the title im watching the latest season of biggest loser now. daymn this show is moving. also, i hope cassandra becomes the biggest loser because shes the sweetest out of all the contestants and i cant wait to see how pretty she looks after she sheds those pounds!
midnight snack: いよかん pronounced IYOKAN. basically just a HUGE MANDARIN ORANGE with thick ass skin

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