literary splurge

breakfast: morning pineapple. finished all but 4 pieces

breakfast no.2: yakisoba with egg and spinach
snack: awesome apple
late lunch: somehow found myself in roppongi again, this time with andre. ( 最近六本木行き過ぎやん。 ) we were looking for the jesus lifehouse church but we were both late and lost so we gave up lols. vege curry bread and cranberry cream cheese campagne (officially my favourite type of bread). this was at a bakery called asanoya at tokyo midtown.
dinner: salmon and tofu scramble with rice. the salmon was SOOO SALTY. ive still got 3 more pieces in the fridge hmmmm. and gosh what a bad over-exposed picture

the stash. cost me about 4000 yen fml but i couldn control myself lol! ill be damned if i see them at book-off (chain bookstores selling used books for 105-400 yen per book)

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