breakfast : croquet sandwich from sun merrys
lunch: マーポー春雨 mapo glass noodles @ work. 
dinner: YUMMY DUCK @ chinese cafe 8. I LOVE ITT

then debbie and darrell missed their train so theyre bunking at my dirty house now lol SHY


breakfast: soy sauce based soup with spinach, shirataki and 2 eggs. then i had some nuts
dinner: kimchi kishimen. i had MORE nuts. 

i probably ate about 400g of nuts today. stomachache now no joke. for my own good, i gave the remaining 300g or so to mouchan.



 lunch: 八宝菜弁当 bought from family bento shop, eaten at 馬車道。the reflection is quite annoying lol, but i had to quietly snap this before akira san comes back with his lunch.

conbini dinner: building 11 family mart to be specific. pasta salad (i hated it) and neo coffee. lonely and rushed dinner before hitting the books again
supper: apple. and some nuts i ordered from amazon arrived in my mailbox lol. 

i finally finished my 30page (all handwritten except data sheets) report on concrete bond strength aww yeah baby. happy but ive got a pimple and an ulcer from all the stress and lack of sleep. sooooo gonna take a break from caffeine for a while from now.

drawing an お疲れbath now teehee. im addicted! *heart

whats up with blogger?

lunch: 480 yen lunch set @馬車道. cheese hambagu with curry gravy. 馬車道is a lousy cafeteria for everything except cheap udon/soba
caffeine: (why) georgia (why) coffee
dinner at the better cafeteria: 450 yen dinner set. soup gyoza and rice pilaf. nom nom nom before slaving away at the 学読

supper: apple.
and 3 pumpernickels SLATHERED with buttah. long looooong night ahead y’alls. 

hydraulic jump (revisited)

lunch: prawn & vege bento and georgia coffee (300 yen + 105 yen)

snack: ごま大福 sesame sticky balls with red bean filling. had all 5 lol no surprises there (99yen)
dinner: 冷やし中華 cold noodles with sesame dressing (half off so 149 yen only!) also had some edamame
im struggling to finish my first lab report shit i have a feeling this term is gonna be really taxing