i was forced to go back to tanashi again to pay up my accumulated medical insurance fees of 7100 yen. got a letter in my mail from the city hall the other day and they highlighted in orange (quite threatening actually) some difficult looking kanji, most of which i couldn read but i guessed the meaning was something along the line of “possible legal action will be taken if i didn cough up the money” by this wednesday so there i was! back at my first home in tokyo again for the second time in 2 weeks. this is now my second home. i might be moving to a third home soon but more of that in the near future because nothing has been confirmed yet.
brunch with darrell @ RAJ, Tanashi: Mutton Rara set. i chose the “very hot” spiciness level (945 yen, a gazillion calories)

snack: some soy sauce flavoured rice crackers @ icc

i think my stomach couldn really handle the VERY HOT raj meal. i actually had to go to the toilet a few times today and my stomach was feeling all funky-_- after the cirit birit i somehow found myself craving chocolate. yeah that might sound a bit crude if u know what im talking about (ba dum tss!) so,
dinner?: alford chocolate biscuits!…
… and i actually baked!! because i was too lazy to go to the supermarket so i made these cocoa cookies using some random recipe i found online. they had a very cakey texture maybe because i finished them all while they were still hot!! hahha
dessert after my dessert dinner: apple!

One thought on “rara”

  1. sheng we should have gone to tanashi together, I got the orange letter with yellow envelope too and keep ignoring them 😦 lol

    my health insurance is expired already……


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