hyphen dot hyphen

first meal at 12.30 am: century eggs, pickled cucumber, banban chicken (?) and some tasty duck dish that came with mantao. and a gin tonic for kampai*heart. @chinese cafe 8 just opposite grand hyatt at roppongi.

drinks: malibu milk + shotgun @ MUSE

breakfast at 6.30am: its sorta like a tradition of my own to get a pizzaman (pizza-pau) from the convenience store on the way home after a shameful night out lols
lunch at work: broiled fish with edamame salad and COFFEE. i was like a zombie at work
dinner: チョココロネ x 2, さくらパンだ both are extremely unhealthy 菓子パン(ultra processed snack pastry) but i really couldnt help myself. i also had a meiji black chocolate bar. orz

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