where’d my weekend go

breakfast: ham onigiri from 7eleven
lunch: mini bite-sized burger, bite sized sandwich, fruit skewer, some roasted veges and a piece of fruit cake – refreshment finger foods (such a disappointment after enjoying a FEAST last year) after the Certification Ceremony for the new batch of Sato scholars. there’re sooo many of them this year, even 4 malaysians including Fish! i miss the oldtimers who have “graduated” but i think im looking forward to getting closer to these newbies! i hate being a sempai though.
dinner?: 2次会はお茶会のつもりだったけど飲み会になったというねno seats at cafes for 12 ppl so we went to an izakaya for drinks lol. had a milk tea cocktail, tons of edamame and some 軟骨のから揚げ(deep fried cartilage, theyre big here in japan).
i forgot to snap a picture so i stole this from facebook lol. those monitors are not random ipads they’re machines for ordering food yeah
supper: a pack of van houten cocoa on the way home (confession of a chocolate addict) and shiitake “porridge”

i cant believe its monday tmr. 週末返してくれ


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