shot x 16 (everybody!)

lunch: same 400 yen bento but the lauk for today was pork cooked with ginger! 生姜焼き it was quite a big bento but i was sooooo hungry my stomach actually grumbled sooo loudly in class (im pretty sure nanami who was sitting beside me heard it lol) so i finished the whole bento and litei was liike “WA 你全吃完了啊!” yeah, i did. problem? haha

snack: apple at home

dinner: nomikai party @ moonwalk bar. i had sooooo much fun i love these ICC peeps!! i had edamame, tasteless potato wedges, oily aglio olio, and 2 slices of pizza. it was nomihoudai (all u can drink) too so i had 5 or 6 cocktails besides the first tequila shot. it was only 1680 yen for 2 hours so i totally drank/ate my money’s worth. and i think my calorie count was OFF THE CHARTS. but hey hey its all good.

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