BMI 20

breakfast: i totally skipped 2gen because i was 20 mins late so instead of going to school i went to viedefrance for breakfast hahaha second week into school and im feeling quite yanga already (yanga = korean for slacker) i had spinach & cheese and earl grey …

…then i decided i didn have enough so i went for a second round. this is angel soft (apple and cheese filling)
teatime: georgia coffee. this is my favourite PET bottle coffee brand because it doesn contain any sugar. most of the other brands have sugar listed as their first ingredient-__-

dinner: all you can eat yakiniku @ tomato, shinokubo! lol at the pretend serious faces.

i finally went for the free medical checkup (健康診断)provided by waseda every year today. the peeing on the stick thing was a first haha but i met a very nice 4nensei who taught me specifically how to do it hahahah. after going through 1 hour of checkup i was certified HEALTHY (異常なし)with a perfect BMI of 20 and relatively low blood pressure but they assured me there was nothing to worry about. im kinda bummed that my real height was shorter than i expected but i was actually satisfied with my weight! 🙂 which is why i totally let myself go wild during yakiniku hahha oops

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