tulip season

is it tulip season? because ive been seeing these pretty little things everywhere lately:)
bright orange tulips outside an elementary school i walk past every morning

at a housing area on the way to 本キャン (main campus)
breakfast: old fashioned oatmeal 🙂 taking a picture of the bowl alone is boring so that’s my 2000 yen concrete lab manual joining in the fun

lunch: picnic with ame @ 大隈庭園 (okuma garden)!! udon salad for 398 yen and apparently it contains 314 kcal (my foot lol)
dinner: oyakodon (750 yen) @ a restaurant near building 22 with ame and 久々のhee a! 🙂 i think oyakodon is the most plain and boring japanese food ever. its basically just chicken and egg (oyako means “parent and child” its quite morbid huh) cooked in soy sauce served on top of rice.
fuel snack/procrastination supper: 2 bananas
i sincerely hope my classmates from jap class aren as otaku as their first impressions appeared to be. #stereotyping

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