pink picnic

breakfast: fish fillet (mc)muffin from sun merry’s, nakai on the way to work. 210 yen. i knew i was gonna get brunch at work but i was just sooooper hungry and was craving an onigiri but surprisingly there were no conbinis around nakai station (seriously surprising because in places like shinjuku conbinis are so abundant u get 1 every 50 steps u take or sth)

lunch: tofu steak with mushroom and bacon sauce, edamame salad, coffee

dinner: tofu hambagu with the same mushroom sauce, yakult.
after work snack with debbie. its her first day of work today!! お疲れ様でした。so we had otsukare starbucks. i wasn in the mood for coffee so i had the yogurt and granola instead. damn i forgot that they probably served water for free why did i stupidly buy that bottle of mineral water??
supper: apple after taking a LONG pink strawberry milk bath 🙂 i love fizzy bath salts *heart and it smelt so much like strawberry ice cream!!

One thought on “pink picnic”

  1. i bought coconut flavoured shampoo last week! haha miss yooo shengstar. exam season now this place is like radiating stress left right and centre. 😦


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