the need to Reconnect

woke up at 7.30 am today. hey this could be a habit if i try keeping it up. because on most mornings nowadays my body wakes up naturally due to the bright daylight 
breakfast: takikomi gohan and egg

 lunch: SS rice with edamame balls, meatballs and seaweed. 

needed my afternoon chocolate fix right after a rather intense prayer meeting 

then i had a whole pack of coconut sabre biscuits, and dinner over at mouchan’s she made us (darrell and i) kimchi hotpot! :))


4 thoughts on “the need to Reconnect”

  1. HI SUUU!! microwave!! haha 🙂 or place a lid/plate/some sort of cover over the egg while u fry it so the steam cooks the upper part of the egg


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