breakfast: i made a new batch of takikomi gohan. this time with more miso and black beans! 🙂

lunch: same thing. and cocoa. im a college student so im allowed to have same boring meals for a few days straight yeah

dinner: JUNKKKKKKK (sooo much more not photographed lol ie the rest of the coffee swiss roll, one packet of random cookies called CREAM CLAN from lawson 100yen shop, an apple and a banana) oh come on ure looking at the diet of a (ridiculously PMSey) college student. blame it on the tedious report on the critical load/fracture of RC!!! ive written about 20 pages and im only about halfway done YARGHHHHHHH and 3rd period tmr got cancelled but ive gotta be in school from 2nd period to do the language exchange thing mendokusehhhhhh

lately ive been having sooo many thoughts in my mind but i just dono how to express them. its starting to dawn on me that being bilingual and bicultural is so much more than i bargained for.


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